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Why telehealth (online) consultations and how do they work?

After weighing up the options, I decided to provide nutrition consultations via telehealth rather than in person because of the advantages it provides.

Convenience: Having an appointment online saves time. You don’t need to consider travel time, or think about transport or parking. It can be helpful when you have children as keeping them amused at home is likely easier than in an office, and there’s no need to move sleeping babies!

Cost: Reducing business operating and equipment costs means I can reduce consultation costs. I could not achieve this if I was set up to provide both in person and online appointments in a standard office environment.

Access: This is the biggest advantage. My telehealth consultations are available Australia wide across all states and territories. There are very few specifically plant-based dietitians so the vast majority of people do not have one located nearby.  Online nutrition consultations means people are able to access this service who would not normally be able to.

Flexible opening hours: I am not committed to set office hours so I can offer a wide range of appointment times including weekdays, nights, and weekends. Working from home allows me to provide this flexibility much more easily than I could from a separate office location.

So how does a telehealth consult work?  The same way a face-to-face appointment does, just via an electronic video call instead of in person.

I conduct appointments in my home office with the same consideration of privacy and security I would for an in person consult. During the consult I can share my computer screen with you to show and discuss information sheets. We can see and hear each other as in a face-to-face consult.

If you like to put a face to a name or know more about who I am before you schedule an appointment, you can see my photo and information on the ‘about us’ section of my website ( or you can give me a call on 0404094658.

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