November 13, 2018 In News By rebecca

World diabetes day

It’s world diabetes day tomorrow – November 14th. Diabetes affects millions of people around the world with impacts affecting everyday life. However if you have type 2 diabetes, eating a plant-based diet can make you feel better and be healthier.

A new study has shown that plant-based diets significantly improve the lives and health of people with type 2 diabetes compared with diets containing animal foods. Benefits included improved quality of life, reduced depression, reduced pain and neuropathy (nerve) symptoms, decreased HbA1c (improved blood sugar levels), greater weight loss and reduced cholesterol levels, as well as being more likely to stick to the plant-based diet.

This research adds to the existing evidence showing the benefits of plant-based eating for managing type 2 diabetes. If you would like to find out more, contact me to arrange an individual consult.


Toumpanakis A, Turnbull T, Alba-Barba I. Effectiveness of plant-based diets in promoting well-being in the management of type 2 diabetes: a systematic review. BMJ Open Diab Res Care. 2018;6:e000534


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